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What was happening at the Lake Shore Live Steamers in 2003?

Railfest  2003 - 1

Railfest  2003 - 2

First Work Session  2003 Prepping for Earth Day Train Run

Annual Business Meeting  2003

First Public Run  2003 - Earth Day

4.30.03 Work Session  - Aluminum to Steel rail Replacement

Public Run May 3rd 2003 

5.07.03 Work Session  - New Turntable Installation

5.14.03 Work Session  - New Bypass Connection

5.14.03 Leadership Run  

5.18.03 Public Run "Snakes 'n Such"  

5.21.03 Work Session  - Two New Switches Installed

5.28.03 Work Session  - Mackey's Run Complete and New Turntable lead switch started

6.01.03 Public Run  

6.11.03 Work Session  - Bypass Multigage Track Renabled & work midway on ground turntable

6.13.03  - 2003 Open Meet - Friday

6.14.03  - 2003 Open Meet - Saturday

6.25.03 Work Session - Three new switches

7.02.03 Work Session - Leveled track and added switch

7.09.03 Work Session - Completed siding at truss bridge, extended yard siding and mainline at Mackey's Run

7.13.03 Public Run - Preparing for the run

7.23.03 Work Session - Relocated grade crossing at bridge and replaced alum. rail w/steel

7.26.03 Club Run - Hosting NMRA Div 5 with family rides and cookout

7.27.03 Public Run - Preparing for the run and getting rained on

8.06.03 Work Session - Replaced switch at Short and added switch at Dirt Siding with addit'l alum. rail

8.10.03 Public Run - Rides for the Public and trackside mushrooms in the woods

8.20.03 Work Session - Replaced R.H. Switch w/L.H. Switch at Gulch diamond and replaced switch at Hemlock

9.03.03 Work Session - Replaced R.H and two L.H w/three new steel switches at Gooseneck and adjusted switch at West Yard on main

9.07.03 Public Run - Bug Day at the Park with a large turnout of riders and the longest line waiting to ride

9.17.03 Work Session - Tree damage to track, cutting multi gauge track for new crossing and leveling track for weekend runs

9.20.03 Club Run - Felled tree, cutting flange grooves at multi gauge, installed electronics for switch throw, enjoyed the day & steam cleaning the engine

9.21.03 Public Run - Celebrated 20th Anniversary in Penitentiary Glen Reservation with a cake they presented to us before the Public Run

10.01.03 Work Session - Adding yard track behind station, removing stumps, locating power feed conduit for rework to clear concrete pad for 'new' storage shed and making candles for the pumpkins in the woods for Halloween Run

10.05.03 Afternoon at Chan B. - Steam engines, steam powered crane, tractors, boiler and whistles

10.05.03 Club Run - Memorial Club run at Clydes for his wife Ann who passed away on Sept. 6th, 2003

10.11.03 Club Run - Hobo Stew Cookout and Meeting (Part 1)

10.11.03 Club Run - Hobo Stew Cookout and Meeting (Part 2)

10.15.03 A walk thru the woods - Because 95% of our track is in the woods we have leaves to contend with in the fall, lots of leaves. There is track barely visible in many of the following photos and the wind brought down another tree

10.15.03 Work Session - Carving a ton of pumpkins provided by the Park system for our "Whooloween" public run this 17th and 18th and loading the finished pumpkins in the train for storage till Friday

10.17.03 "Whooloween" Public Run - Setting up decorations in the woods, spider webs, bats, coffin and the carved pumpkins with candles in them for our night run, 6:30 to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday night.

10.29.03 Dinner at the Olive Garden - Going out for dinner to celebrate the end of our running and track maintenance season

12.13.03 Club Christmas Party - Party Room at the Willoughby Brewing Company




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