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Earth Day 2004 is the beautiful day that we wanted !!

 April 18, 2004



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04-08-2003 The 2004 season kicked off


The 2004 season kicked off

(Glen, Meadow & Orchard Railroad - Sunday, April 18, 2004) Earth Day, 2004 was a beautiful day with temperatures in the 70's when the trains began giving rides to the public at 1 pm. Everyone was smile's, public and club members. I believe that even the birds were smiling as the Sun made a glorious appearance. Winter seemed unusually long this year, and everyone was glad to be out in the park on a sunny day.   [return to top]



The GM&O RR is located in north east Ohio, USA. in the beautiful park of Penitentiary Glen, a Lake County MetroPark, Kirkland, Lake County, Ohio. The GM&O is operated by members of the Lake Shore Live Steamers.



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