Ohio Ramble 2019

August 29 - September 8, 2019

Lake Shore Live Steamers along with the Blueberry Railroad, Erie Metro Live Steamers, Mill Creek Central Railroad  and Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers will be hosting the Ohio Ramble for 2019.

  Please click on the following link to the main Ohio Ramble website  to keep up on the latest details as they become available.

Below is the schedule for which railroads will be hosting on what days and the link to their web site:​

Mill Creek Central Railroad - Aug 29 - Sept 2
Blueberry Railroad  - September 2 - 3
Erie Metro Live Steamers - September 3 - 4
Lake Shore Live Steamers - September 4 - 5
Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers - September 6 - 8

If you have any questions, please contact Ken Brooks at: 440-231-4453 and leave a message.
If you are planning on attending please fill out the new RSVP Form Page.

Track and Site Info

Located at  Penitentiary Glen, 
8668 Kirtland-Chardon Rd
Kirtland, Ohio 440

Contact: Ken Brooks  440-231-4453 and leave a message.

Gauge: 7 ½

Safety: Chains or Draw Bars required

Boiler Test: required or State Certificate

Waiver and Fees: required  $1  insurance fee and waiver form.
(Donations to the home track are always appreciated.)

Track Plan:  see Track Map

3,363 foot mainline
approximately 2,500 feet of branch line

Run Time: 
Run time would be about 9 minutes for main lineloop.
Unlimited depending on route selected using branch and bi-directional.

Time for operations:
Unlimited however, No whistles or horns 9:00 pm to 9:00 am.

60 foot minimum radius on mainline
45 foot radius on branch line for smaller engines

Grade: Maximum grade 4% on main line. 
PLEASE NOTE: The maximum grade on the branch can be greater.

Signal System:

unlimited for cars & trailers

2 load/unload hoists available.

Steaming Bays:
12 with Air, Water and Electricity available

Electric Charging
Electricity available at numerous locations.
Extension cord(s) recommended

Steam Fuel Restrictions:
None, but spark arresters may be required depending on conditions.

IBLS Standards: Yes

WI-FI: no

Restrooms: yes, flush toilet and running water.

Hobo Stew for Dinner on 9-5, fast food & restaurants nearby

Parking for self-contained RVs will be available (No electric and water available)
(There is a form than needs to be filled out and returned to LSLS by August 12th.
The link to the form and mailing/emailing info is towards the bottom of the RSVP page)

Tents: No.

Hotel:  (see list)

UNIQUE: Railroad in the park with hiking trails 

Vendors:  TBD

Security: TBD

Relation to the other tracks:
30 miles from Blueberry Railroad.
58 miles from North East Ohio Live Steamers.
80 miles from Erie Metro Live Steamers.
129 miles from Mill Creek Central Railroad