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What is happening at the Lake Shore Live Steamers in 2004?

10.27.04 Work Session  Last offical work session and the dinner

10.20.04 Work Session  Photos by Ted Nyland

10.15.04 Magical Whooloween Run  Part I - Friday night

10.16.04 Magical Whooloween Run  Part II - Saturday night

10.13.04 Work Session  Trackwork and pumpkin carving

10.03.04 Public Run  Part I Wildlife Festival at the Park

10.03.04 Public Run  Part II Wildlife Festival

9.29.04 Work Session

9.15.04 Work Session

9.12.04 Public Run  Bug Day at the Park

9.11.04 Memorial Club Run  Part I w/NMRA Div 5 as guests

9.11.04 Memorial Club Run  Part II w/NMRA Div 5 as guests

9.01.04 Work Session  shortening Cider Bridge and adding drain pipe to yard

8.21.04 Club Run  was held at Clyde Bleils track

8.18.04 Work Session  was held at Clyde Bleils track

8.15.04 Public Run

8.04.04 Work Session  Making the best of a rainy day

7.25.04 Public Run

7.24.04 Club Run  With a cookout in the evening

7.21.04 Work Session  Putting the new roofing on the station

7.18.04 Public Run

7.07.04 Work Session  Viewing progress on station and installing new switch

6.27.04 Public Run

6.23.04 Work Session  Replaced alum. rail w/steel & checked out problem w/turntable

6.19.04 Open Meet  Part I

6.19.04 Open Meet  Part II

6.09.04 Work Session  Working on the track for turning wye

6.04.04 Work Session  Placing concrete for Station & Transfer Table

5.26.04 Station Expansion  Part II

5.26.04 Work Session  Track at Dirt Siding and Transfer Table Foundation

5.12.04 Station Expansion  Permits are in place and construction can begin

5.12.04 Work Session & Special Run  Lake Shore Leadership Group riding the rails

5.02.04 Public Run  Cancelled...Rained out

4.28.04 Work Session  Added two siding tracks at main yard

4.18.04 Earth Day  Public Run

4.14.04 Work Session  Removed switch for relocation & added power and lights to train shed

New Years Day Run  2004

Railfest - 1 2004

Railfest - 2 2004

Railfest - 3 2004





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