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What is happening at the Lake Shore Live Steamers in 2018?

10.20.18 Hobo Stew & Whooloween Run  due to weather run was canceled

10.19.18 Whooloween Run  night run through the woods

10.16.18 Work Session  cleaning and carving pumpkins

10.07.18 Public Run  cooler overcast day

10.03.18 Work Session  replacing track on Cheat Bridge

9.23.18 Public Run  good turnout

9.19.18 Work Session  setting bridge beams and grounds maint.

8.29.18 Work Session  setting bridge forms and placing concrete

8.26.18 Public Run  light turnout of riders

8.22.18 Work Session  building fdn. boxes for bridge

8.15.18 Work Session  repairing and maint. of switches

8.11.18 Public Night Run  Park's Super Star Party

7.29.18 Public Run  a fun run today

7.28.18 WKYC CH 3 television  doing a feature on our club

7.11.18 Tremendous Trains Program  and rebuilding a grade crossing

7.08.18 Public Run  a good run day

6.16.18 Open Meet  with a good turnout

6.13.18 Work Session  added crossing to Big Bend Bridge

6.06.18 Work Session  reworked track into end of Willis Car Barn

6.03.18 Public Run  rain cancelled run after one hour running

5.23.18 Work Session  leveling track by Willis Car Barn

5.16.18 Work Session  damage to our track by tree removal

5.06.18 Public Run  good weather

4.22.18 Public Run  Earth Day at the Park

4.21.18 Club Meeting  w/dinner and elections

3.17.18 RailFest Train Show  





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