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What is happening at the Lake Shore Live Steamers in 2016?

12.03.16 Christmas Party 

10.15.16 Whooloween Run  Part II

10.14.16 Whooloween Run  Part I

10.12.16 Work Session pumpkin carving and ballasting track

10.09.16 Public Run a good turnout for the run

10.05.16 Work Session moving switch and ballasting track

10.03.16 Public Run a bright sunlit fall day

9.21.16 Work Session laying track to a new switch

9.11.16 Public Run with a good turnout

9.07.16 Work Session grass and equip. maintainance

8.31.16 Work Session maintainance and ballasting track

8.28.16 Public Run a good run

8.24.16 Work Session painting station and laying track

8.14.16 Public Run a damp overcast day

8.03.16 Work Session dismantling picnic table and clearing right-a-way

7.27.16 Work Session installing rail, work bench and new switch

7.06.16 Work Session rail, car maintainance and new switch installed

7.03.16 Public Run  with a light turn out of the public

6.29.16 Work Session checking equip., building switch & planting

6.25.16 Club Run with Cub Scout Pack 306 joining us

6.18.16 Open Meet 

6.08.16 Tremendous Trains Program  three classes, 10:00 am, 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm

6.05.16 Public Run  a run cut short by heavy rain.

6.01.16 Work Session cutting grass, servicing equip. & track maint.

5.22.16 Public Run  great weather

5.18.16 Work Session doing yard work and fixing grade wall

5.15.16 Public Run   cool day and a light turnout

5.04.16 Work Session ballasting track and checking work engine

4.27.16 Work Session checking equip. and replacing damaged rail

4.24.16 Public Run  with the weather cooperating

4.16.16 Club Run  with our club meeting in evening

4.13.16 Work Session mower checkups, grounds cleanup and working on equip.

4.06.16 Work Session tree removal and replacing engine air compressor switch

3.19.16 Rail Fest Show 

1.01.16 New Years Day Run  our winter run





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