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What is happening at the Lake Shore Live Steamers in 2017?

12.09.17 LSLS Christmas Party  

12.02.17 "East Wind" Express Winter Run  a cold day

10.21.17 Whooloween Run - Part II  the night was cooler

10.20.17 Whooloween Run - Part I  with a good turnout

10.17.17 Work Session  carving pumpkins

10.08.17 Public Run  a fun day

9.27.17 Work Session  Track maint. & ballasting

9.23.17 Club Run  having a good time

9.17.17 Public Run  good weather for fun day

9.13.17 Work Session  checking yard switch & laying track

9.10.17 Public Run  Bug Day at the Park

8.16.17 Work Session  install. switch & estab. track radius

8.13.17 Public Run  good turnout

8.12.17 Public Night Run  Super Star Party

8.09.17 Work Session  building switch & installing a switch

8.02.17 Work Session  working picnic table, switch and ballasting trk.

7.30.17 Public Run  with good weather

7.26.17 Work Session  steaming bay, car & track maint.

7.19.17 Work Session  doing maintainance

7.16.17 Club Run  having fun

7.09.17 Public Run  good turnout

6.28.17 Tremendous Train Program  

6.21.17 Nature Center Camp Run 

6.17.17 Open Meet  

6.14.17 Work Session  working on a siding

6.07.17 Work Session  checking out Park engine and leveling track

6.04.17 Public Run  wet start but improved for todays run

5.31.17  Park engine repair continues & track work

5.17.17 Work Session/Seniors Run  Park engine repair, run and maint.

5.10.17 Work Session  removing shed, maint. and ballasting

5.07.17 Public Run  cool day for todays run

5.03.17 Work Session  removing hyd. motor and ballasting

4.26.17 Work Session  maintainance and ballasting

4.23.17 Public Run  Earth Day

4.22.17 Club Run w/Mtg.  dinner and elections

3.18.17 Rail Fest 3/18  Train Show

1.01.17 New Years Day Run  our winter run





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