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What is happening at the Lake Shore Live Steamers in 2012?

12.08.12 "East Wind Express" Christmas Run a cold wet day

12.01.12 Christmas Party 

10.24.12 Work Session  leaf removal and cutting in a new switch

10.20.12 Whooloween Run - Part II Saturday night run in the Park

10.19.12 Whooloween Run - Part I Friday night run in the Park

10.17.12 Work Session pumpkin carving time for the Whooloween Run

10.13.12 Club Run/Hobo Stew having a good time with great food

10.10.12 Work Session general maintenance on track

10.07.12 Public Run cancelled due to rain

9.26.12 Work Session spreading stone and ballast and the volunteers awards banquet

9.19.12 Work Session joining the rail for the Nyland crossover

9.15.12 Club Run beautiful sunny day

9.12.12 Work Session work continues on the track to Short

9.09.12 Public Run sunny day but cool in the woods

9.05.12 Work Session maintenance and installing the the track crossing

8.26.12 Public Run  great day for a run with beautiful weather

8.22.12 Work Session placing switch, relocating remote switch stand and maintenance

8.12.12 Public Run good weather with the rain holding off

8.11.12 Public Run Saturday night run in conjunction with Park's Glow-a-Palooza

8.08.12 Work Session engine maintenance, laying track and moving a switch controller

8.01.12 Work Session laying track for a bypass track on the Branch Line

7.29.12 Public Run a great sunny day for a run

7.25.12 Work Session repairing lift, adding track panels and ballasting

7.21.12 Club Run with great weather

7.18.12 Tremendous Trains Program - Part II  and a Work Session

7.15.12 Public Run  on a beautiful day

7.11.12 Tremendous Trains Program - Part I and a Work Session

6.27.12 Work Session adding two switches, moving track and ballasting

6.16.12 Open Meet - Part II  running at our track with visiting equipment

6.15.12 Open Meet - Part I  running at our track and participating in Kirtland's parade

6.13.12 Work Session getting Park engine running on its own power and shuttling cars

6.06.12 Work Session switch placement, pneumatic switch cylinder and checked engine for air brake leak

6.03.12 Public Run overcast day for a run

5.30.12 Work Session leveling and ballasting track and working on Park engine

5.23.12 Work Session wiring railroad signal light, ballasting and working on Park engine

5.20.12 Public Run another great day for a public run

5.19.12 Club Run a great day for the run today

5.16.12 Work Session -engine maintainance, grounds and switch care

5.09.12 Work Session -wiring R.R signal light, track work and Park engine

5.06.12 Public Run - beautiful day

5.02.12 Work Session - R.R signal light, Park engine and track work

4.25.12 Work Session - grounds and track maintenance

4.22.12 Public Run - Earth Day cold and wet

4.21.12 Business Meeting voting and collecting yearly dues

4.18.12 Work session added switch to Branch Line and repaired controller

4.14.12 Club Run it turned out to be a cool and wet day

3.16.12 Railfest - 2012 train show

1.25.12 Work session on the wiring of the club's engine and member's cars

1.01.12 New Years Day Run  A wet and rainy day for the run





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