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What is happening at the Lake Shore Live Steamers in 2008 ?

12.17.08 Work Session  at Hose Master

12.13.08 Winter Run  first run in Winter

12.10.08 Work Session  at Hose Master and pictures of track damage

12.06.08 Club Christmas Party Dinner 

11.15.08 Tie cutting Party at Blueberry Railroad 

10.29.08 Work Session  Last work session of the season at the Park

10.22.08 Work Session 

10.17.08 Whooloween Run - Part I  Friday night

10.18.08 Whooloween Run - Part II Saturday night

10.15.08 Work Session and carving pumpkins for Whooloween Run

10.13.08 Adding a Work Session 

10.11.08 Club Run/Hobo Dinner 

10.08.08 Work Session  

10.05.08 Public Run  

10.01.08 Work Session  

9.28.08 Public Run  

9.07.08 Public Run   Bug Day at the Park

9.03.08 Work Session  

8.24.08 Public Run  

8.10.08 Public Run  

8.09.08 Public Run - Super Star Party Run  cancelled after a start due to weather

8.06.08 Work Session 

7.27.08 Public Run - part I  Celebrating our 25th Anniversary at the Park

7.27.08 Public Run - part II  Celebrating our 25th Anniversary at the Park

7.23.08 Work Session  with a fish dinner

7.19.08 Club Run 

7.13.08 Public Run 

7.09.08 Work Session  making a new crossing in place and working on the storage racks

6.25.08 Work Session  relocating a switch and work continues on the storage racks

6.14.08 Open Meet 

6.11.08 Work Session 

6.01.08 Public Run 

5.28.08 Work Session  getting a lot accomplished today

5.18.08 Public Run 

5.16.08 Work Session  welding frames

5.14.08 Work Session 

5.07.08 Work Session  removing track from George Davidson's yard

5.04.08 Public Run 

5.01.08 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner 

4.30.08 Work Session 

4.20.08 Earth Day Public Run 

4.16.08 Work Session  adding a road crossing

4.12.08 Spring Club Run  a cold and wet day

4.09.08 Work Session  and celebrating a birthday

3.26.08 Work Session  putting the GP38 trucks back together

3.16.08 RailFest  train show

3.12.08 Work Session  putting the rider car trucks back on and working with the engine wheel sets.

2.27.08 Work Session  rebuilding the GP38 and adding air brake controller to it's riding car

2.14.08 Work Session  working on the brake control panel and on the engine

1.16.08 Work Session  work continues on rebuilding the GP38 axles

1.01.08 New Years Day Run  with snow for a change




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