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What is happening at the Lake Shore Live Steamers in 2013?

12.07.13 Holiday Public Run  "East Wind Express" Winter Run

10.19.13 Magical Whooloween Run Part II 

10.18.13 Magical Whooloween Run Part I  

10.16.13 Work Session  pumpkin carving and ballasting track

10.12.13 Club Run   with Hobo Stew Dinner

10.09.13 Work Session   new storm door,removing exist. switch

10.06.13 Public Run   Black Squirrel Celebration Run

10.02.13 Work Session   painting picnic table, welding ballast hopper, grade work at Gillette

10.01.13 Park's Award Dinner  awards for volunteers

9.25.13 Work Session   welding ballast hopper, setting radius stakes at Gillette

9.22.13 Public Run  and the forecasted rain held off

9.18.13 Work Session  replacing alum. rail at Mackey's Run

9.08.13 Public Run  Bug Day - Part II

9.08.13 Public Run  Bug Day - Part I

9.04.13 Work Session  adding reflectors, weed control and rehabbing picnic table

8.28.13 Work Session  distributing rail & adding handrail to steps in front of station

8.25.13 Public Run  great day for a run

8.21.13 Work Session  with a small turnout

8.17.13 Club Run a fun run with good weather

8.11.13 Public Run  on a beautiful sunny day

8.10.13 Super Star party  night run in conjunction with Park event

8.07.13 Work Session working on the water tower and got rained out

7.31.13 Tremendous Trains program 2nd day with the program

7.28.13 Public Run  30 year Celebrations

7.24.13 Work Session yard maintainance and ballasting

7.20.13 Club Run a rainy start for the day

7.17.13 Tremendous Trains program kids learn about trains

7.14.13 Public Run  a good day for a run

7.10.13 Work Session  steaming bay maintainance and ballasting

6.30.13 Public Run  weather perfect

6.19.13 Work Session  maintainance and realigning a curve at Mackey's Run

6.15.13 25th Annual Open Meet Part II

6.14.13 25th Annual Open Meet Part I

6.12.13 Work Session  fixing rollup door, finishing crossover and supporting bridge

6.05.13 Work Session  adding a switch, getting picnic table and general maintainance

6.02.13 Public Run  a gorgeous day for a run

6.01.13 Club Run  turned out to be a great day

5.29.13 Work Session  cutting in a new crossing

5.22.13 Work Session  cutting grass and track ballasting

5.18.13 Club Run   great day for a club run

5.05.13 Public Run  for "Trains in the Park" day

5.01.13 Work Session re-ballasting track and replacing water heater

4.21.13 Earth Day Public Run a sunny but cool day

4.20.13 Club Business Meeting and election

4.17.13 Work Session checking switches and re-ballasting track

4.13.13 Club Run first run of the season on a cold, damp day

4.10.13 Work Session working on sweeper, new switch and leaf removal

4.03.13 Work Session  moving equipment back to the track and drainage work

3.16.13 Railfest - 2013  train show

3.13.13 Work Session  working on car brakes and our ballast sweeper

3.06.13 Work Session  working on car brakes and our ballast sweeper

1.09.13 Work Session  our winter work shop at Hose Master





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