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What is happening at the Lake Shore Live Steamers in 2011?

12.17.11 Withdrawal Solution for Richard Sales

12.10.11 Winter Public Run  with the East Wind Express

12.07.11 Work Session working on conductor car brakes and rewiring of club's GP38

12.04.11 Christmas Party 

11.30.11 Work Session rewiring the GP38 and Frank working on his car brake tubing

11.02.11 Work Session checking out equipment and surveying damaged wiring

10.26.11 Work Session moving equipment to our winter headquarters at Hose Master

10.22.11 Magical Whooloween Run: Part II 

10.21.11 Magical Whooloween Run: Part I 

10.19.11 Work Session a cold, wet rainy day for carving pumpkins for the Whooloween run

10.15.11 Club Run Hobo Stew on a cold day

10.12.11 Work session  that was rained out

9.28.11 Work session working on track, welding the signal mast and the errection of the signal

9.25.11 Public Run 

9.21.11 Work session removing dead apple tree, working on Park engine and finishing track siding

9.17.11 Club Run with Boy Scouts earning merit badges and a look at the lily pond

9.14.11 Work session working on the signal light foundation and track work

9.11.11 Public Run in conjunction with Bug Day

9.07.11 Work session moved signal light to storage shed, anchored grade wall and backfilled

8.31.11 Work session trenching for grade wall, start of foundation for signal light

8.28.11 Public Run overcast day, but sun showed up later

8.24.11 Work session replaced Branch Line rail, began construction of storage/run-around track

8.20.11 Club Run 

8.14.11 Public Run canceled due to rain after only an hour of running

8.13.11 Public Run for the Super Star Party evening event

8.10.11 Work session worked on yard trackage and Park engine

7.31.11 Public Run in conjunction with the Park's Wildlife Festival & Woodcarvers Show

7.27.11 Work session work on yard trackage and getting ties for new grade wall

7.20.11 Work session Roger's Tremendous Trains Program Part II and yard work

7.16.11 Club Run Nyland 50th anniversary and meeting

7.13.11 Work session Roger's Tremendous Trains Program and working on the tie wall

7.10.11 Public Run  in conjunction with Park's Snakes 'n Such event

7.06.11 Work session worked on train brakes, grade wall and received more ties

6.22.11 Work session finished openings on the Park engine, ballasted spur and replaced rail on Branch Line

6.17.11 Open Meet - Part: I 

6.18.11 Open Meet - Part: II 

6.19.11 Open Meet - Part: III 

6.15.11 Work session working on the spur and modifying the openings of the Park engine

6.08.11 Work session adding a switch and signal mast and washing equipment

6.05.11 Public Run: Part I Railroads in the Park

6.05.11 Public Run: Part II Railroads in the Park

6.01.11 Work session working on stumps, track and a crossing

5.25.11 Work session running wire for a new signal and maintaining switches

5.22.11 Public Run a beautiful day for a run in conjunction with the Park's "A Work of Art" program

5.21.11 Club Run finally a sunny day!

5.18.11 Work session cleaning out culverts, maintenance and switch building

5.11.11 Work session working on track and Leadership Lake County group rides

5.04.11 Work session ballasting track and relocating bricks behind station

5.01.11 Public Run a damp, cool day for a public run

4.20.11 Work session a wet, soggy day where we didn't get a lot done

4.17.11 Public Run Earth Day

4.16.11 Club Meeting Election Day to elect a trustee

4.13.11 Work session working on Park engine and ballasting track

4.09.11 Club Run having fun on a cool, overcast day

4.06.11 Work session moving day from Hose Master to the Park

3.30.11 Work session working on Park engine and assembling and installing the axles and wheels for the GP38

3.23.11 Work session Steve painting his car cover, mounting the air compressor in Park engine and assembling one of the GP38 axles

3.18.11 Railfest - 2011 train show

3.16.11 Work session connecting hydraulic lines, working on Steve's box car cover and celebrating St. Patty's Day with our luncheon

3.02.11 Work session working on gas tank mount for Park engine and passenger car roof

2.23.11 Work session work continues on the Park engine and Steve Zaken's box car cover

2.16.11 Work session removing existing equipment from the Park engine and work on car brakes and passenger car roof

2.09.11 Work session relocated microswitch on GP38 and fixing roofing material on club passenger car

1.19.11 Work session replacing brake lines, cutting ventilation openings and removing equipment

1.05.11 Work session working on the club's engine and assessing modifications to the Park engine

1.01.11 New Years Day Run  A wet and rainy day for the run





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