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What is happening at the Lake Shore Live Steamers in 2010?

12.22.10 Work Session  removed and cleaned up axle and worked on air fittings

12.15.10 Work Session  removed wheelsets from the engine, painted passenger car trucks

12.11.10 Winter Public Run Our annual public winter run

12.04.10 Christmas Party 

12.01.10 Work Session  first work session at our winter headquarters, Hose Master a division of LSLS

11.03.10 Work Session  last work session of the season at the track

10.27.10 Work Session  Momentous occasion - our new car lift was delivered and installed

10.22.10 Whooloween Run - Part I  

10.22.10 Whooloween Run - Part II  

10.20.10 Work Session  Laying rail and carving pumpkins for the Magical Whooloween Run coming up

10.18.10 Work Session  on car lift at Fosters place

10.16.10 Hobo Stew Club Run - Part I  

10.16.10 Hobo Stew Club Run - Part II 

10.13.10 Work Session  installed switch, screen door and gutter maintainance

10.06.10 Work Session  on a cold and wet day for a work session

10.03.10 Public Run  another cold and wet run

9.26.10 Public Run  with the weather on the cool side

9.22.10 Work Session  switch making and installing a switch

9.15.10 Work Session  leveling track, working on tie wall and post setting

9.12.10 Public Run  for Park's "Bug Day"

9.11.10 Club Run  Past Members Memorial Run

9.08.10 Work Session  replacing the rail in front of the station and the new tie wall

9.01.10 Work Session  removing soil from in front of the station and spreading ballast

8.25.10 Work Session  working on track, engine, switch and digging up the right-a-way

8.22.10 Public Run  in conjunction with Parks' Daylily plant sale

8.18.10 Work Session  grounds maintainance and re-ballasting Branch Line

8.15.10 Public Run  

8.14.10 Super Star Party train run is a night run

8.11.10 Work Session placing the track panels in position and ballasting them

8.04.10 Work Session working to get the track panels back in place

7.28.10 Work Session removing tracks in front of the station

7.25.10 Public Run  in conjunction with Parks' Wildlife Festival and Wood Carvers Show

7.21.10 Tremendous Trains Program Part II  by Roger Harnish

7.17.10 Club Run  

7.14.10 Tremendous Trains Program by Roger Harnish

7.11.10 Public Run  with an additional bonus of Smokey the Bear

7.10.10 Club Run  

7.07.10 Work Session  cleaning drain pipes, grounds maintenance and track repair

6.30.10 Work Session  laying track, cleaning drain pipes, painting and maintenance

6.27.10 Public Run  

6.23.10 Work Session  placing tie barriers for the new car lift pit and trackwork

6.22.10 Work Session  at Fosters working on the new car lift

6.19.10 Open Meet - Part II  

6.19.10 Open Meet - Part I  

6.13.10 Public Run  in conjunction with Parks' Snakes and Such event

6.09.10 Work Session  digging and adding drains for the lift, laying of the pavers at the station

6.02.10 Work Session work continues on lift fdns and station pavers

5.26.10 Work Session  

5.21.10 Riding Car and Hoist Project update  

5.19.10 Work Session  working on track, drains and removing the brick pavers in front of the station

5.16.10 Public Run  

5.12.10 Work session   and run for Leadership group

5.05.10 Work session  Working on Park engine, laying track and grounds keeping

5.02.10 Public Run  

4.28.10 Work session   fixed turntable, layed & ballasted track and reworked drains

4.21.10 Work session   checked turntable, replaced rail and ties and removal of leaves

4.18.10 Earth Day Public Run   a cold blustery day

4.14.10 Work session   Misc. items working on switches, ballast and the work engine

4.10.10 Club Run   first club run of the season

4.01.10 Work session   at Dave Fosters making new riding car frames

3.31.10 Work session   mounting brake control consuls, trouble shooting lights

3.24.10 Work session  finishing up brake controls, working on Steves' engine and workinng on horn button

3.20.10 Railfest - 2010  train show

3.17.10 Work session  working on car brake lines, relocating air horns, putting East Wind and Park engine back together

3.10.10 Work session  adding truck stops, chain supports and new brake line between trucks.

2.24.10 Work session  removing stretched chain from Park engine truck, working on East Wind, wrong brake air cylinders and assembling trucks

2.17.10 Work session  removing truck from Park engine, finishing three rider cars with their brakes

2.03.10 Work session  Park engine arrives at Hose Master, re-assembling engine 101 and adding brakes to trucks

1.27.10 Work session  installing brake rigging, painting 101's frame and adding air line and fittings

1.20.10 Work session  Degreasing wheelsets, work engine trucks and assembling car trucks

1.13.10 Work session  Degreasing and modifying the side frames for brakes

1.06.10 Work session  Strip down the chassis of work engine 101 at Hose Master

1.01.10 New Years Day Run  A snowy run





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