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What is happening at the Lake Shore Live Steamers in 2009 ?

12.16.09 Work session  last one before the holidays at Hose Master

12.12.09 Winter Public Run  our second annual winter run was cold

12.05.09 Christmas Party 

12.02.09 Work session  first winter work session at Hose Master

10.28.09 Work session  cleaning up the track and left over pumpkins

10.24.09 Magical Whooloween Run  Part II

10.23.09 Magical Whooloween Run  Part I

10.21.09 Work session  carving and storing pumpkins for Magical Whooloween Run

10.17.09 Club Run  Hobo Stew Dinner

10.14.09 Work session  engine maintainance, switch making, track work and perch dinner

10.07.09 Work session  working on a grade crossing, equipment and adding a switch

10.04.09 Public Run 

9.30.09 Work session  ballasting and celebrating a birthday

9.27.09 Public Run 

9.23.09 Work session  ballasting, working on engines and a new owner for a Camelback

9.19.09 Club Run With a cookout later in evening

9.16.09 Work session  leveling, ballasting and finishing trackwork

9.13.09 Public Run in conjunction with Bug day at the Park

9.09.09 Work session  final work on the covered bridge

9.02.09 Work Session three groups of workers getting a lot of work done today

8.30.09 Public Run  a cool and wet run

8.26.09 Work Session  work continues on the bridge

8.19.09 Work Session  working on the covered bridge

8.16.09 Public Run 

8.15.09 Public Night Run for the Super Star Party

8.12.09 Work Session placing track panels to the lift and placing shingles on the covered bridge

8.05.09 Work Session laying out track and working on the covered bridge

7.29.09 Work Session working on track, drainage problem and grade wall

7.26.09 Public Run 

7.22.09 Great Trains Program  by Roger Harnish

7.22.09 Work Session moving fill dirt and erecting covered bridge wall trusses

7.18.09 Club Run with light turnout

7.17.09 Special Friday Work Session just to work on our new covered bridge

7.15.09 Work Session placing the concrete for covered bridge fdtns. and track work

7.12.09 Public Run in conjunction with the Park's Daylily Plant Show & Sale

7.08.09 Work Session work on track, drainage and the covered bridge foundations

7.01.09 Work Session work on track to the Stanek storage shed and digging for fdns. for the covered bridge

6.28.09 Clyde Bleil's 100th birthday party 

6.24.09 Work Session repairing crossings, and the start of our covered bridge

6.21.09 Open Meet  Part I

6.21.09 Open Meet  Part II

6.17.09 Work Session  laying out the yard ladder for five tracks and drilling rail

6.14.09 Public Run  for Snakes 'n Such at the Park

6.12.09 Work Session  working grade for new right-a-way and drainage collection pipe

6.10.09 Work Session  ballasting track and installing remote switch throw

6.03.09 Work Session  maintenance of equipment, ballasting and adding remote switch throw.

5.31.09 Public Run 

5.27.09 Work Session  more track panels and putting in two crossings to Branch Line from the Main Line

5.20.09 Work Session making and installing more track panels and pressing on tie clips

5.17.09 Public Run in conjunction with the Parks African Violet Show & Sale

5.13.09 Work Session pressing on tie clips and giving rides for the Leadership Group

5.06.09 Work Session  laying track for the new yard access and pressing on tie clips

5.03.09 Public Run 

4.27.09 Work Session  working on the right-a-way for the new yard access

4.19.09 Earth Day Public Run  an overcast and rainy day

4.18.09 Business Meeting at the Lake Front Lodge 

4.15.09 Work Session  checking out required switch, engine and changing the switch stand post

4.11.09 Spring Club Run  a cool start to our running season

4.08.09 Work Session  reballasting, trench cleanout and switch building

3.31.09 Work Session  repairing track damage from felled trees

3.25.09 Work Session  last work session at Hose Master and one of our new crossovers

3.18.09 Work Session  making and putting a muffler on the Park engine

3.14.09 RailFest 2009  train show

3.11.09 Work Session  working on the Park engine

3.04.09 Work Session  Finishing work on the GP38, moving GP38 and work engine 101 back to the track

2.25.09 Work Session  East Wind's boiler after going under the torch, brake rebuilding and working on the engineer's control console

2.18.09 Work Session  working on switches, greasing truck bearings and East Wind's boiler gets a lift

2.11.09 Work Session  finished mounting air compressor on GP38, got rear power truck back together, worked on switches and rider car trucks

2.04.09 Work Session  work continues on switches, changing wheel bearings and mounting a new compressor on GP38

1.28.09 Work Session  second switch completed and working on maintainance of GP38

1.21.09 Work Session  basics of first switch completed and work continues on engines

1.14.09 Work Session  continuing winter work session at Hose Master

1.07.09 Work Session  first work session of the new year at Hose Master

1.01.09 New Years Day Run  being cold and with some snow




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